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March 2004
One company has the perfect solution
If you were to believe some of the tabloid reports, the introduction of the smoking ban in public places will prompt mass walkouts in bars and restaurants the length and breadth of the country. Some die-hards have already announced that they would rather be hauled off to prison or have two fingers chopped off, than braving a pint of stout or a glass of wine without the comfort of a cigarette. The ironic thing is that if regulars do decide to stage a protest from a pub somewhere in Ireland this week, they might discover exactly what they are looking for right outside the front door.
Al fresco dining is popular right across Europe from Amsterdam to Scandanavia, and thanks to the new laws, it looks as though it will be soon widespread in this country. According to one well-placed source, it was only a matter of time before the majority of Irish people discovered the attractions of eating and drinking outdoors anyway.
Promoshades-Rochestown Park
"I think the whole area would have taken off even without the smoking ban factor." says John McCormack, Creative Director of Promoshades. "In our business, we have been to places as far away as Australia and Alaska, and it was in these places that we really noticed how Ireland was lagging behind in this area".
Promoshades provide a range of printed internal and external window blinds, promotional interior and exterior banners and branded outdoor windbreakers for the commercial and retail sectors. For over ten years, they have ben the leading supplier of the Promoshades product - a range consisting of award-winning internal and external blinds, banners and windbreakers - to the hospitality and leisure industry in Ireland.
"We are the market leaders in this field" says McCormack, who along with Operations Director, Mark Hyland, fronts the business. "And for some time now, we have been providing these canopies to Dublin and down the country, so I think even without the ban, there would have been a general move towards this area regardless".
Recently, Exclusive Blinds extended the Promoshades range even further, by introducing stainless steel planted tree boxes, giant parasols and free standing pergolas.
"The tree boxes with branded windbreak panels are a beautiful alternative to the standard metal uprights, while the evergreen trees are a welcome addition to any outlet." says McCormack."The all new series of continental style parasols come complete with heating and lighting lamps and are fully removable after hours. Like the pergolas, these offer clients outdoor socialising all year long. Protected by a retractable roof system the pergolas are a genuine solution to the new laws" he adds.

Already a highly progressive company, the future looks exceedingly bright for Promoshades.
Promoshades are based at Unit 35, Stadium Business Park, Dublin 11, Ireland Ph: 01 8829383
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